Datamate technology helps customers create and implement DEVOPS solutions to well manage their Microsoft SQL Server infrastructure on-premise or in cloud. 

Let our managed code handle all repetitive operations while your DBA resources use their time to assist users with complex administration tasks. The solution can be customized and scaled as per your enterprise requirement.

Cost saving and efficiency will dramatically improve in near and long term in terms of head count needed and pace of operational task performed.

Integrate our code with enterprise solutions like Chef Cook Book and Vrealize to build and manage SQL Server images.

Edition Licensing cost analysis

We scan your licensed deployments of SQL Server and review potential cost saving methods by downgrading licensed editions when required. 

Standardize SQL Server image builds

Automate SQL Server installation builds by orchestrating pre and post deployment activity using powershell.

Migration as a Service

Migrate DB's, sync objects from On-Premise DB to Azure Cloud and Vice Versa.

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